Halloween Nails

All Hallow’s Eve is fast approaching and to celebrate this spooky occasion, I thought I’d show you guys some Halloween nail art ideas/tutorials that’ll scare the living daylight out of you (not really) and match your Halloween outfits perfectly. So let’s get started.

What you’ll need/what I used: L-R: Cutex Nail Varnish Remover (if you’re messy!), bobby pins (if you don’t have nail art pens, dotting tools or stripers), cotton buds, toothpicks (not pictured), Pinkey black nail varnish, Collection 2000 white nail varnish, Barry M orange nail varnish, Eleanor red nail varnish, NYC nude/light pink nail varnish, Rimmel London purple nail varnish, Barry M basecoat/topcoat and some nail art pens or stripers your choice! 

Step one: Paint your nails one thin coat of basecoat to protect the natural nails and to prevent staining.

Step two: Starting with the thumb paint two coats of orange nail varnish, then paint two coats of purple on your index finger, followed by painting two coats of white on your middle finger,  then paint two coats of black nail varnish on your ring finger, and finally paint two coats of nude nail varnish on the pinky finger, if your nude varnish is very pale like mine paint more coats to make it more opaque. (I realised I missed out the white nail in the photos, sorry!)

When finished you’ll eventually end up a wacky-looking rainbow hand like, so.

Step three: Once all nails have dried, start with the thumb that will be your orange Jack ‘o Lantern nail. Use your black nail art pen to draw in some eyes, to do this draw upside down ‘v’ shapes, then for its nose do a little triangle and then finally for the mouth do an outline of a zigzag and another underneath and join them up on each end, then fill in. Now if you don’t have nail art pens, use toothpicks/bobby pins it may take a little while longer, but don’t under estimate these little tools they work just as well. In my next tutorial I shall be only using toothpicks/bobby pins so everyone can join in the nail fun.

Step four: Moving onto the index finger, this shall be your bat nail. The purple painted earlier is the background for the bats. Now, to actually paint the bats first start with the bat’s body and do a ‘v’ shape, that’ll be its ears and tail. Then from about the middle of the V extend two small lines diagonally upwards to create two wings and then do a sort of con caved zig-zag shape to create the bottom of the wings, then fill in wings. About three-four bats on the nail looks best, but it depends on the size of the nail.

Step five: Now, for my favourite nail, the bloodshot eyeball nail. Start with a blue dot in the center of the nail, you can use a dotting tool if you have one or just use bobby pins they’re great replacements as dotting tools. Then take your red nail varnish and toothpick/nail art pen and do small thin squiggles all the way around the blue dot make sure you leave a small white circle around the blue you don’t want your veins to join up with the iris. You don’t have to be neat at all here, so if you don’t have a steady hand it’s okay veins are meant to be wiggly! Then once the blue dot painted earlier is dry paint another black dot within the blue, but make sure it’s smaller. Finally once everything is dry, paint a small white dot on the black pupil as that will be the small glint/shine in the eyeball.

Step six: Moving swiftly onto the black ring finger, this is will be the web nail, it may look really difficult but once you know how it’s easy-peasy. Take your white nail art pen/toothpicks and draw three/four white diagonal lines from the top corner to the end of the nail. After you have diagonal white lines on your nail simply join them up, but don’t join them in a straight line do a slight hump sort of like a wide ‘n’ shape.

Step seven:  Then last, but not least for the pinky finger that will be the bloody nail. Use your nail art pen and draw a thin strip of red on the tips and then drag it down so it resembles drooling blood. If you don’t have nail art pens, this is where your old trusty bobby pins/toothpicks come into use. Do the same and paint a thin strip of red on the tip of the nail and then drag bits down with the bobby pin/toothpick creating a trail. Then add extra dots/blobs around to create the splatter.

Step eight: Once all the nails have completely dried paint on a topcoat to protect your designs and prevent them from chipping.

And that’s it! You now have the spookiest nails in town. Just make sure you don’t get egged because your nails are so damn scary.

Have a Happy Halloween everyone!


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