Double O OPI

So, Mr. Bond we meet again… this time in nail varnish form. That’s right, the nail varnish veteran company OPI has just released a limited-edition collection of Bond 007 lacquers to mark the 50th anniversary of the Great British fictional spy himself. The highly-anticipated 23rd Bond instalment, Skyfall, starring Daniel Craig and Javier Bardem has just hit our big screens and everyone has gone espionage mad.

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The new OPI Skyfall Collection, features twelve limited-edition nail lacquers with shades named after some of the most iconic Bond films from a multi-coloured (copper, green and silver) hex glitter top coat The Living Daylights to a deep emerald with a golden shimmer Live and Let Die lacquer. Each polish is priced at £11 each, it may be a little pricey and a bit much for nail varnish, but I’m sure we can all dig deep and make an exception.

Just to be clear, that’s Bond, James Bond we’re talking about now. (Sorry I’ll stop)


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