November Naillion

Each month I trawl all over the internet and the streets of my city to bring you my favourite nail designs of the month. I know I’m a little late on this month’s, but forgive me! If you’d like to be featured on a Naillion of the month, then tweet me on @naillion or instagram me on @angelahuii 

1. Lego nails – The Daily Nail /2. Pudsey Nails – Jenny Wilson/3. Black and beige ombre nails – Laynie Fingers/4. Stripe and graphic nails – Pixie Polish/5. Jewel-tone nails – fashionistheart/6. Aztec nails – Alicefromtheblock/7. Black and gold jewelled nails – Ten Blank Canvases/8. Graphic stiletto nails – Fbombizzle/ 9. Spotty moustache nails –


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