Yin Yang nails

Ahh the ‘ol yin and yang, the ‘ol black and white circle, the ‘ol day and night… okay I’ll stop now. For those who are unaware what exactly is a ‘yin yang’ the concept came from old Chinese philosophy, the symbol is used to describe how polar opposites are always in relation to one another, but that’s enough history for today, let’s get started on this tutorial.

What you’ll need/what I used: L-R: Cocktail Sticks (instead of nail art pens), Barry M basecoat/topcoat, Pinkey black nail varnish, Natural Collection white nail varnish, black and white nail art pens.

Step one: Paint your nails one thin coat of basecoat to protect the natural nails and to prevent staining.

Step two: Using your black nail art pen or toothpicks draw on a stretched out ‘S’ shape across the middle of the nail.

Step three: Then fill in the one side of the yin yang black.

Step four: After that, simply fill in the other side white.

Step five: Once dried, using your white nail art pen or bobby pin or toothpick, whatever your weapon of choice is, simply paint a small white dot on the black side of the nail and then same again with the other side, but paint a black dot instead.

Step six: Once all the nails have completely dried paint on a topcoat to protect your designs and prevent them from chipping.

And that’s it! You now have simple, yet striking monochrome yin yang nails, which can be easily matched with any outfit.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this easy and simple tutorial.

If you’re still confused on how to do this tutorial here’s a step-by-step photo video guide:


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