‘Tis the season to be jolly, really, really, really jolly

There are only 18 sleeps left til the big day, and to celebrate the jolly-ness, merry-ness and festive-ness of it all, Naillion has conjured up one hell of a big festive extravaganza of a post to share with all you lovely readers. Starting off with a wonderful festive-themed nail art tutorial so let’s get crackin’ like crackers. 

What you’ll need/what I used: L-R: Toothpicks (instead of nail art pens or for finer detailed parts), Rimmel London 195 Perfect Plum nail varnish, Barry M 235 red glitter nail varnish, Barry M 320 Foil Gold effect nail varnish, Barry M 290 Spring Green nail varnish, Barry M 290 Sky Blue nail varnish, Natural collection white nail varnish, Collection 2000 silver nail varnish, Barry M basecoat/topcoat, black, white, red, gold nail art pens, cotton buds and Cutex nail varnish remover (if you’re messy and make mistakes)


Step one: Paint your nails one thin coat of basecoat to protect the natural nails and to prevent staining.


Step two: Starting with the thumb paint two coats of plum colour varnish, then paint two coats of red glitter on your index finger, followed by painting two coats of green on your middle finger,  then paint two coats of light blue nail varnish on your ring finger, and finally paint two coats of white nail varnish on the pinky finger.

Xmas Nails

Step three: Once all nails have dried, start with the thumb that will be your christmas tree nail. Using a tooth pick and green nail varnish draw the outline of a tree. Paint three triangles starting with the biggest on the bottom and working your way up getting smaller and smaller, like a jagged pyramid.

Christmas Tree

Step four:  Using your black nail art pen or toothpicks outline your green jagged pyramid shape to give your tree more detail. Then add on little small ‘V’ shapes to accent your trees and giving them needles.


Step five: Using your trusty toothpick again dot smalls blobs of different coloured spots to represent baubles on the tree. I’ve used red, gold and silver, try and stick to all festive colours or if you’re wild you can use whatever colours. Then using small gems, which can be found in arts and crafts store, or they can come in the end of nail art pens, take your toothpick and dip it into some topcoat and pick up one small gem and place it on top of your tree.


Step six: Moving onto the index finger that is your candy cane nail. The glitter red painted earlier is the background for the candy cane. Now, simply take your white nail art pen or toothpicks and paint white diagonal stripes from one end of the nail to the other until the nail is covered and striped.

Candy Cane

Step seven: Now, for the middle finger, that is the present nail. Using the green, that was painted earlier that will be the background of the gift. Take your red nail art pen or toothpick and draw on a cross, but slightly on the side. Then in the top two sections draw a small loop on either side and then for the bottom two sections draw out a long upside down flicked out ‘V’ shape on either side, this will be the ribbon on the gift.

Present Nails

Step eight: Then like the Christmas tree nail outline your present bow, for more detail. Using your black nail art pen or toothpick.


Step nine: Now, onto the ring finger, that will be the snowflake nail. Taking your white  nail art pen or toothpick again draw a six-pointed star all across the nail varying in sizes. Then add extra smaller lines along each point, until it resembles a snowflake. Do this on all on your pointed stars, to transform them all into snowflakes. Finally finishing the nail design off with small white dots all over the nail to resemble snow.


Step ten: Finally onto the last nail, which will be the reindeer nails, which was actually inspired by Polishpedia who was featured in the December Naillion favourites. Start off by taking your Barry M gold effect polish (or if you have brown that would work just as well) paint a semi-circle at the tip of your nail. Then drawing in two longer bits either side to create the ears of your reindeer. Using your red glitter polish draw a smaller semi-circle to create the all important red nose. Then use your trusty old white nail art pen or toothpick to dot in some eyes on your reindeer.


Step eleven: You don’t want your poor reindeer to be without antlers now, so take your black nail art pen or toothpick and draw in two ‘Y’ shapes for the antlers and then add in a few more strokes to create the antlers. Finally then dot in some pupils for the reindeer’s eyes.


Step twelve: Once all the nails have completely dried paint on a topcoat to protect your designs and prevent them from chipping.


And that’s it! After twelve days and twelve steps of Christmas.

You now have the most merriest, jolliest and festive nails around. I hope you’ve enjoyed these festive nails tutorial.


If you’re still confused on how to do this tutorial here’s a step-by-step photo video guide:

 But wait! 

The merry festivities doesn’t just stop here at nail tutorials, oh no. We’ve got something special in store for you. Naillion has wandered all over the streets of the Welsh capital and asked people what they thought of Christmas nails, here’s the verdict:

But what do you guys think of Christmas nails? Have your say!

In the midst of all this festive-ness and merry activities. I’ve also compiled my top 6 festive jumpers online and in the High Street that are available for a reasonable and affordable price.

Christmas Jumpers

1. ASOS Pretty Vacant Christmas Jumper / 2. Topshop Polar Bear Jumper / 3. River Island Purple Reindeer Dolman Top / 4. Peacocks Christmas Tree Jumper / 5. New Look Candy Cane Heart Jumper / 6. Dorothy Perkins Grey Snowflake Jumper

And if that’s not enough merry jubilations for you. Then Naillion has put the cherry on top and has spoken to fellow nail blogger The Little Canvas, about her blog and all things Christmas! Behind the nail blog is 24-year-old Alaina from the United States.

Q: How long has ‘The Little Canvas’ been going on for?

A: I started the blog in February of 2012.

Q: Why did you decide to set up a nail blog?

A: I started the nail blog after posting a few pictures of my nails on my personal Facebook. Many of my friends suggested that I create an official Facebook or post my nails on a blog. After seeing how many nail blogs were out there, I decided why throw my hat into the ring. I figured the worst that could happen was I would have no followers and would have to quit.  Luckily though, that was not the case.

Q: Where do you get the inspiration for your nail arts from?

A: My inspiration comes from all over. Majority of the time, my inspiration comes from fellow nail bloggers or others who post their nails on the web. I have a ‘Nail Idea’ Pinterest page which has close to 200 pins of other people’s nails. I also get inspiration from objects around me, such as pictures, fabric patterns, or things in nature.

Q: What’s your own favourite nail art design?

A: My favorite nail art design….oh wow, this is a tricky question!  There are so many that I love! I think that my favorite has to be leopard print….or flowers.  Yes, it’s a tie, I love leopard print and floral print the most!  Whenever I feel uninspired, I grab some random colours and will do a quick leopard manicure, or now that I have mastered dotted flowers, I will do those. I love doing roses also on my nails.

Some of Alaina's favourite nail designs

Some of Alaina’s favourite nail designs

Q: Christmas is dawning on us soon, do you have any cool Christmas nail arts lined up?

A: Of course!  So far I have done snowflakes, peppermint swirl candies, and most recently gingerbread men! I’m planning on doing reindeer, santas, snowmen, candy canes, trees, and Christmas lights!  Stay tuned for the blog for all of those!

Q: What do you wish for Christmas this year?

A: This is the question my mum has been asking me for months now, and I really do not have much of an answer. I’m not one for material possessions, and really only splurge and purchase myself nail polish. I finally told my mum that I would like some Bundle Monster Stamping Plates, figured they would help me out in this blogging nail art world!

Q: Can you give us any hints and tips for keeping our nails in tip top condition?

A: I really don’t primp or do a lot to keep my nails in tip top condition. I’m very blessed to have healthy, strong, hard nails. Seriously, these things can scratch me and make me bleed on accident! I rarely touch my cuticles because I’m scared of pushing them back. Each week or two, I pick a day and I wear no nail polish at all. For awhile, I was doing it on Thursday and calling it ‘Naked Nail Thursday.’ On this day, I just like to let my nails breathe. I know some say it is a rumor that nails are suffocated under nail polish and there is no need for them to breathe since they are already dead, but I do not believe it to be true. I find a difference after taking my polish off and leaving them bare for 24 hours. When I have no polish on them, I moisturise them with some lotion, and any peels or rough spots seem to disappear on their own.

Q: What’s your secret to beautiful looking manicures?

A: Base coat and top coat!  In the end, to me, nail polish is nail polish. Be it OPI, Essie, Sinful Colours, all do the same thing. They are a color that covers your nail. Formulas, yes, can be streaky or weird, but depending on the base and top coat you utilise, you will get pretty much the same life out of the manicure.

And that’s it folks!

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Eid Mubarak etc.


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