New Years Nails

I cannot believe 2012 is almost over, and what a year it’s been. We’ve had everything from the world apocalypse, Queen’s jubilee to the much-hyped London Olympics, but it’s time to ring in the New Year and start afresh. For me New Year’s is all about being glamorous, glitter and some serious sparkle, so say goodbye to 2012 and hello to 2013, and hello to some New year’s nails.

NYE Nails

What you’ll need/what I used L-R: Nail vanish remover (if you’re messy and make mistakes, Ciate mini 072 Twilight nail varnish, Barry M 320 Foil Gold Effect nail varnish, Collection 2000 silver nail varnish, Nails Inc. 65 Glitter Top Coat (it was free with Glamour Magazine!), Barry M basecoat/topcoat, gold, white nail art pens with gold and silver gems, nail brushes and a dotting tool. (You can use toothpicks as substitutes instead of brushes and dotting tool.

Step one: Paint your nails one thin coat of basecoat to protect the natural nails and to prevent staining.


Step two: Paint all your nails two coats black; I used the Ciate Twilight varnish, which came with my Ciate mani mini calendar. I specifically chose this colour as the varnish has specks of gold glitter inside, which really gives this design an extra shimmer. 


Step three: Once all your nails have dried, start with the thumb that will be your ‘2013’ nail. Using your nail brushes or toothpicks and gold nail varnish draw a number 2 and leave a space and then draw in the 1. Then alternate around and use silver nail varnish and finish off by drawing in a 0, in the gap earlier and a 3 on the end.

NYE Nails

Step four: Still using your brushes/toothpicks alternate between gold and silver, and draw straight lines surrounding your ‘2013’ and then finish off with an extra layer of shimmer using a fine gold glitter polish.


Step five: Moving onto the index finger this will be your countdown clock nail. Taking your white nail art pen/toothpick draw a quarter circle from the middle of the nail to the other end tip, that will be the clock face. Then draw a small white dot on the other side of the tip that will be the pivot for the clock hands.


Step six: Then give you clock some numbers starting with a 12 on the top then going down to 11, 10 and finish with 9, so you only have a quarter of a clock.

Clock 2

Step seven: Finish the countdown clock nail with some hands for the clock and draw a straight line pointing towards 12 and finish off with two strokes either side to create an arrow. Finally finish off with an extra layer of shimmer using a fine gold glitter polish.

clock 3

Step eight: For my favourite nail the gem middle finger. Using small silver gems, which can be found in arts and crafts stores, or they can come inside your nail art pens, take your dotting tool/toothpick and dip it into some topcoat and pick up one small gem and slowly cover the entire nail. It may take a while and be a bit tedious, but I think the finished effect is beautiful!


Gems 2

Step nine: Now, for the ring finger that will be the champagne glass nail. Take your white nail art pen and draw a tilted v shape and then an upside down ‘T’ shape, and that’s your glass done. Using a gold nail art pen/toothpick with gold nail varnish fill the glass with some champagne and make it slightly spilling out of the glass, with some extra splashes. Then draw in some silver and gold circles and dots in the background and finally finish off with an extra layer of shimmer using a fine gold glitter polish.


Step ten: Finally, onto the last nail, no New Year’s celebration is complete without fireworks. So start off by taking your gold nail art pen/toothpick and draw in some fireworks exploding. Draw a small star shape, then layer on some silver nail varnish and some white varnish to give your fireworks different colours. Then draw in some extra spark coming off your fireworks and of course top it off with some more sparkle using a find gold glitter polish.


Step eleven:  Once all nails have completely dried finish with a fast-drying topcoat to protect your designs and prevent them from chipping.


And that’s it! You’re now all prepared to ring in the New Year and you now have the glitteriest, shimmeriest and blingin’ nails around. I hope you’ve enjoyed these New Year’s nails tutorial.

I wish you all a Happy New Year!  And I shall see you all in 2013, don’t get too drunk now.



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