January Naillion

Finally, welcome to 2-oh-thirteen. A tad late on the January Naillions sorry! Been a little busy, but I am currently digging mix and match, floral and abstract patterns so it seems. Also what do you think of stilletto nails in the 4th picture? Love or hate them? Let me know in the comments and If you’d like to be featured on a Naillion of the month, then tweet me on @naillion or instagram me on @angelahuii

January Naillion

1. Mix ‘n’ Match nails – WAH Nails / 2. Colourful gem and striped nails – Fatimatti Designs/ 3. Black and Gold Gem nails – Beatriz Mataran / 4. Mix ‘n’ Match Stiletto – Lilismili / 5. Grid disco nails – Beckcnails/ 6. Green and gold abstract nails – Dressed up Nails7. Black daisy nails – Nadee / 8. Black and white square fade nails – Wonderfulnailart / 9. Mint floral Mix ‘n’ Match – Caathy


4 thoughts on “January Naillion

  1. That’s amazing!! I like your blog, you gave me many ideas!
    I wanna ask you something… what’s your favorite nail polish?
    Bye x

    • Thank you! That’s a difficult question seeing as I have so many, but because I’m a poor student I think Barry M they do a great range of colours and they’re cheap! X

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