Comme Des Garçon/Valentine’s Nails

With Valentine’s day right around the corner I thought I’d opt for something a little bit different, but still suitable for the big loved-up day. For this tutorial to work you will need rounded/pointed nails as the tips will be the ‘hearts.’ If you have naturally strong and pointy nails, then lucky you! But like me I’ve opted for the fakies, they work just as well. This tutorial is super duper simple to do, so without further ado let’s get this tutorial started. 


What you’ll need/what I used: L-R: Nail Varnish remover, Cocktail Sticks, Ciate mini 063 Mistress red nail varnish and NYC 165 Carrie’d away nude nail varnish, Barry M basecoat/topcoat, Sally Hansen Insta-dry top coat, black and white nail art pens.

Step one:  Paint your nails one thin coat of basecoat to protect the natural nails and to prevent staining.


Step two: Paint all your nails a pale nude colour.

DSC_0773Step three: Once all the nails have dried take your red varnish and simply draw on a ‘V’ shape on the tips of the nails, these will be the hearts.


Step four: Once all your little hearts have dried take your white nail art pen and draw two little eyes on the left and right of the heart. To draw the eyes draw a small rugby ball shape.


Step five: Once the eyes have dried draw in the pupils.


Step six: Once all the nails have completely dried paint on a topcoat to protect your designs and prevent them from chipping.


And that’s it! You now have cute and stylish Comme Des Garçon/Valentine’s Day nails.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this simple tutorial and I wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥



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