April Naillion

This month’s April favourites have been a little late, sorry! It’s been all nonstop down my end, with finishing deadlines and then jumping straight onto placements and whatnot. So I’ve been a little bit behind so I do apologise. This month is a spring-time and Easter special seeing as we’re finally getting some sort of sunshine I thought I’d feature some colourful spring to match the brightening and warmer days. Also I haven’t had the time to paint some Easter nails myself so I’ve also added some of egg-cellent looking nails. (Sorry that was terrible.) If you’d like to be featured on the next Naillion of the month, then tweet me your designs on @naillion or instagram me on @angelahuii

April Naillion

1.  Chicks and easter eggs nails – Sabzmisah2. Blue 60’s style nails – Maggiemooie / 3.  Easter bunny and grass nails – Jackiel8g/ 4. Pastel ombre nails – Bfabnails/ 5. Easter mix nails – Justice Nails6. Bright floral and graphic nails – Couture Nails / 7.  Blue floral nails – Sabrina Nails/ 8. Aqua and yellow ombre nails – Uhasatrois/ 9. Chicks on branches nails – Sabzmisah


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