May Naillion

Sorry for the lack of posting, I’ve just had a couple of whirlwind weeks of being caught up in the midst of university work, interning, exams and I’ve only just had the chance to get a quick breather in between. So I do apologise that my May favourites are 2 weeks late! This month’s favourite nails are all fun brights, spotted and patterned. Ready for the lack of sunshine we’re expected this summer! I also just realised that they’re all pretty pink so I apologise again if you hate pink. My May favourite has got to be Nail Passion’s 101 pink and black geometric nails! Which one is your favourite? Let me know! And if you’d like to be featured on the next Naillion of the month, then tweet me your designs on @naillion or instagram me on @angelahuii

Also I’ve been nominated for Fingerprints’ new nail blogger of the month. I’d be super duper grateful if you’d vote for me here:

May Naillion

1.  Peach and gold zigzag nails – Nails_make_us/ 2. Black and rainbow polka dot nails – Trashed and Lacquered3.  Navy and floral nails – Cecepretty / 4. Grey and pink polka dot nails – Alistar/ 5. Aqua and crystals mix nails – Nailarthur / 6. Pointed vintage heart mix nails – Blonderexic / 7.  Black and pink geometric nails – Nail Passion 101/ 8. Pink and gold rose nails – Emanalsalloum / 9. Tribal ombre nails – Brittany Nail Art


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