Ciate Caviar Nail Set Giveaway (ENDED)

Has it really been 2 months since my last post?! Firstly sorry for being such a terrible blogger I have had terrible nails for the past month or two and couldn’t possibly show you the terrible state of my nails. Secondly I will vow to be a better blogger from now on and give you all some wonderful nail tutorials. Thirdly to make up for my tardiness I thought I’d make it up to you lovelies by giving something back in return and do my first giveaway! The prize is a 2 piece Mini Ciate Caviar set (Cookies & Cream With Shooting Star Caviar Pearls).


To win these nail polishes the rules are simple all you have to do is:

  • Follow the Naillion blog
  • Like the Facebook page here
  • Follow on Twitter here
  • When you’ve done the following and liking comment on this post below and say why you deserve to win.

And I will do a random name generator out of the comments to decide the winner and it’s as simple as that. So what are you waiting for? The closing date for this giveaway is on the Saturday 10th August. So hop to it! And Good Luck!

This competition has now ended thanks for taking part!


11 thoughts on “Ciate Caviar Nail Set Giveaway (ENDED)

  1. Hello Angela! I have decided to partake in your Ciate Caviar Nail Set Giveaway and I deserve to win because I have a serious passion for nail art and nail care in general and so much so that I am even thinking about going to nail school inorder to be a licensed nail tech. I haven’t been able to really update my nail polish collection because I’m a college student on a really tight budget and winning this give away would help me expand on my nail art capabilities. I Totally appreciate the fact that you’re doing a give away and best of luck to everyone who participates.

  2. Followed through e-mail and pinterest as oliveyou11
    twitter as xsarry777x
    facebook as Sarah Blake

    I deserve to win because I recently stopped biting my nails and it’s been hard to keep myself motivated, but I want my nails to be long and beautiful! Using pretty polishes helps keep me motivated!

  3. Hi Angela! I would like to win because I really wanted this but I can’t find it anywhere! 😦 It would be awesome if I could finally get one!

  4. Hi Naillion, thanks for the opportunity and allowing us to have a chance to win a Ciaté Caviar Set.

    Only being 16, I feel I deserve to win as nail polish has dominated my life!! It’s a little worrying as my main focus should be on school, but in the holidays I let myself go easy and buy a couple of nail polishes to add to my collection!

    I also would love to win this as I have been looking everywhere for this combination caviar set! I looked for Marie Claire magazine, but they either were out of stock or didn’t sell the magazine! I guess it wasn’t fate to buy it that easily! I also looked in Selfridges London, as they have a huge Ciaté branch and let’s be honest, they sell several brands of nail polish at the department stores so I thought there was a possibility that I could find it there! Once again I wasn’t lucky!

    I was on my twitter reading Ciaté’s posts (that comes across as quite stalkerish) where I saw they retweeted your post about the giveaway! I not only managed to find an opportunity to get this set but I also found a great nail blog! It is quite difficult to find a good and ongoing nail art blog!

    So lastly and I apologise for the long message, I feel like I deserve to win as I really want this set ( as I am sure most contestants do) and i would love to enlarge my nail art and my nail art portfolio so that when I am older I can hopefully create a successful blog and share my nail ideas, if I ever get that good!!

    Once again I apologise for this long message!

    Thank you for the opportunity and Good Luck to all the others!

    Bismah Lakhany xx

  5. Hi Angela,

    Thanks for the giving us the opportunity for one of us to gain a Ciaté Caviar Set!

    I deserve to win as only being 15, beauty, well mainly nail polish and nail care has dominated my life. I would love to win this as I have been searching for this colour caviar set everywhere, in the Marie Claire magazines, which were always sold out as well as in Selfridges London as their Ciaté selling branch is quite large but also failed to find it. I guess fate wasn’t on my side but luckily on twitter whilst reading Ciaté tweet feed (which sounds rather stalkerish) I came across your contest giveaway and though there was no harm in trying!

    I also feel I should win as this would help me expand and improve on my nail art, in the last 2 years I have become so involved with the nail sector in beauty, why let it go to waste, why just paint my nails one colour when I can portray art on them. I wish to expand my nail art ideas so I can share them with everyone when I am a little older and more experienced. Only finding your blog recently has really inspired me to improve my nail art portfolio. Of course I don’t blog or anything yet just Instagram once in a while but I hope to be able to come up with these funky ideas, like yours and be able to share them and expand the nail culture that has already vastly changed in the past 2 years.

    Sorry for my long comment and thanks for the opportunity, good luck to all the contestants!

    Bismah xx

  6. Wish I didn’t miss this giveaway! But, what do you think about the caviar nails? Interested in getting some! Love love your blog.

    Always love finding new blogs.
    Dont forget to check out my fashion blog;) Also just joined the team of and am now a Fashion Blogger for POPSUGAR Select! Doing a giveaway soon, so stay tuned for that as well! 😉

    Fashion Instagram: chloescravings
    Popsugar Select Blog: Chloe’s Cravings

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